Akhisar Flavours in France

Akhisar left its mark on the 3rd Street Food Festival held in Lyon, known as the “gastronomic capital” of Europe.

Izmir, a member of DELICE, attended of the “Lyon Street Food Festival”. With the sponsorship of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the special invitation of Lyon Mayor Georges Kepenekian, the team, led by DELICE Izmir Representative Sırma Güven, recreated Izmir days in France with the special flavours they brought. The team included Izmir Gourmet Guide Selection Committee Chairman Chef Ahmet Güzelyağdöken, Izmir Professional Chefs Association Chef Şamil Akşit, Instructor Chef Tolga Kamiloğlu, Pastry Chef Ece Eryener.

The residents of Lyon, famous for its Michelin-starred restaurants, had a feast of taste in the at the Street Food Festival., sponsored by Alhatoğlu Olive Oil, which produces in Akhisar. Alhatoğlu’s Ena, Bitter Green and Kidsolio oil special for children became the centre of attention in the event held on an area of ​​1500 square meters. In the event, blind tasting workshops were organized by Tasting Expert Müge Nebioğlu, and kitchen workshops on olive oil food culture in Aegean cuisine.

Stating that they are happy to sponsor the festival, Alper Alhat, Chairman of Akhisar Commodity Exchange and Chairman of the Board of Alhatoğlu Olive Oil, said, “This year Hong Kong, Montreal and Izmir took part in the Lyon Street Food Festival, which brought food and beverage professionals, gastronomy writers and chefs together. It is pleasing that the traditional recipes of the Aegean cuisine, as well as the Izmir street flavours, are conveyed together with their stories with the right content and presentation on an international platform. “Akhisar’s olive oil got full marks from all participants in the festival, which also included famous chefs,” said Alhat. Izmir booth was also visited by Interior Minister Gerard Colomb, Lyon Mayor Georges Kepeneki, Turkey Lyon Consul General Mehmet Özgür Çakar, senior bureaucrats, Michelin star chef and Turks living in Lyon.

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