Bestolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil food tasty flavours for your salads and mezze

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Olive oils are very delicate. Everything happened to it during the oil production or during storage, even during the ripening of the fruit can be detected with chemical and sensory analyses. If the olive oil passes these analyses, then it can be sold as extra virgin olive oil.

Bestolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced by our farmers only using the physical methods and tested in our high precision laboratories according to Turkish Food Codex. Only then they are packaged in our modern facilities.


For hot meals and beginners
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Refined olive oil is produced by refining raw olive oil. Pure olive oil is acquired by adding refined olive oil to the extra virgin olive oil.

Pure olive oil can be used for hot meals. It is a good affordable choice for those who want to switch to olive oil from other plant-based oils.


Those who don’t want a prominent olive oil taste can use it in oil frying or desserts instead of other plant-based oils.

Pure olive oil is a tasty alternative for other cooking oils.


Your new cooking oil BESTOLIO OLIVE POMACE OIL

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Olive pomace is the remaining pulp after the oil and juice of the olive fruit are extracted by physical processes and it consists of fruit flesh and seed particles. Crude olive pomace oil is obtained by extracting approximately 3% of the remaining oil with organic solvents and physical methods. Refined olive pomace oil is obtained by refining the crude olive pomace oil. Pomace oil is a blend of refined  olive pomace oil and virgin olive oils. It is the most affordable one among olive oil product range. Due to its resistance to high temperatures, it is ideal for frying. It has a high smoke point and low freezing point. Thanks to its mild flavour, it does not overpower the taste of your meals. It is a healthy and delicious alternative to all meals and desserts where other plant-based oils are used.

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