Alhatoğlu's quality and food safety policy follows principles of honesty and business information security, far from imitation and adulteration, analysing the olive oil in line with national and international standard methods, using safe and hygienic filling methods, packaged in dark food-safe, serving healthy, safe and high-quality olive oil to the consumers.


Our laboratory uses sophisticated chemical and sensory techniques suitable for the International Olive Council and Turkish Food Codex to ensure choosing the best natural olive oil. According to this;

We create, follow, revise and update our founding principles every year. We share information on food safety with the public, clients, suppliers and consumers.

We make sure that our quality policy is known and understood by every employee.

We create opportunities for our employees to be educated with an awareness of food quality and contribute to constant improvement. As a trustworthy and respected institution, it is our foremost responsibility to follow universal ethic rules for our stakeholders, including clients, shareholders, workers and suppliers.

Our principle is to operate in line with the law, regulations, rescripts and occupational ethic rules, be aware and respectful of environmental impact, produce in hygienic and food-safe conditions, ensure consumer health, reach the highest level of customer satisfaction, constantly improve our quality and food administrative system according to BRC 8, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005 standards and we are committed to continuing.

Mustafa Alhat


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