First olive oil ever produced specifically for children
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If you pick up an unripe olive fruit and bite into it, it has an intensely bitter taste. Bitterness is caused by polyphenols which are released by the tree to protect the unripe fruit from birds. As the fruit ripens there are fewer polyphenols. Olives that are harvested while still being green, give the oil a bitter taste. This bitter taste is most enjoyable for those looking for gourmet flavours. However, those olive oils with high polyphenol levels might not be suitable for younger children since they don’t have a developed palate yet. Think of it like, while adults usually prefer dark chocolate children like milk chocolate. That’s why we have produced Kidsolio which has a smoother taste.

Kidsolio is produced from olives that are naturally low in polyphenol. Kidsolio is obtained by cold pressing olives harvested just in time and packaged with adorable olive characters on the bottle.

Ripened olives have lower phenolic components while having higher vitamin E, essential oil linoleic acid values.



Olive trees bloom and create fruits at the beginning of summer.

Throughout summer, it grows its fruits with solar energy and earth minerals. Olive fruits are green at first and they start to ripen as autumn comes. First, their colour change into yellow, then pink, then purple and then finally black.

While ripening, their protective and bitter-tasting polyphenols go lower while their nutritional values, specifically vitamin E, go higher.

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